Simplifying Your Smart Home’s Automation with Ecobee SmartSensor

Simplifying Your Smart Home's Automation with Ecobee SmartSensor

The house you were born with or the one you live in right now were probably not constructed to be all that smart.

Their old thermostats and appliances are often slow, unreliable, and expensive to maintain.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

We’re trying to warm up the house, and the furnace takes forever to heat up.

Loaded with a lot of physical labour, maybe you’re trying to cool down the house, and the air conditioner is running too fast or not working at all.

Smart home devices, like EcoBee SmartSensor we’ll be discovering today, can help solve some of these problems.

And they may just be the next big thing for home automation.

What’s A Smart Home, You Ask?

what's a smart home


Smart home technology is becoming increasingly common in many homes across the world.

It’s a term that covers a wide range of things from smart lighting to home automation to voice control and more, where every element is connected to the internet.

An interesting concept has been around but has only just started to be embraced by mainstream consumers. 

What is EcoBee SmartSensor and How It Came Into Picture?

Simplifying Your Smart Home's Automation with Ecobee SmartSensor

With the use of “talking” technology, ecobee aims to help homes move to a brighter future without ongoing intervention.

It is a voice-activated digital thermostat that works on smartphones and other devices and focuses on making homes more energy-efficient and comfortable.

EcoBee helps users control their homes through natural language processing.

“Talking” is a way of communicating, and this company has made the technology possible by using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable the system to understand and respond in a way that you can understand.

When you ask EcoBee to turn on the lights or start the coffee machine, it will do so, using an AI algorithm to interpret your commands.

It is a way of empowering users to take control of their homes.

Both natural and intelligent, the concept behind EcoBee is to use the power of AI to help people control their homes.

It works as temperature controls and motion detection to improve your home’s comfort and security (while reducing your energy expenses).

As a result, the SmartSensor is a critical component of the ecobee experience.

There’s more to it than that.

Ecobee has released several SmartSensor-enabled gadgets that provide new comfort and convenience.

It’s not just about the smart thermostat, though. The Ecobee 4K Wall Plate (available in white or black) lets you control the temperature of your wall with a mobile app.

There’s also an Ecobee 4K Wall Plugs (white or black), which work with the 4K Wall Plate to automatically adjust the temperature of your home based on the weather outside.

Would It Make Sense for Your home and Life?

What is EcoBee SmartSensor and How It Came Into Picture

Please note that the Ecobee thermostat and camera are sold separately and are required for the SmartSensor to function.

Now that we’re on the same page let’s continue.

Temperature and motion sensors are included in the SmartSensor. Using temperature sensors, the system can detect when the room is too warm or too cold.

If the motion sensor detects anyone has entered or left the room, the SmartSensor can then turn up the thermostat and adjust the temperature accordingly.

The SmartSensor also has an integrated Zigbee hub, connecting to the ecobee thermostat and camera.

This allows the system to communicate with both the thermostat and the camera.

The main benefit of the SmartSensor is its ability to regulate the temperature in each room to provide a pleasant environment for you and your family.

When someone is present, the system automatically adjusts the temperature based on that information.

For example, if someone leaves the room, the system will lower the temperature.

Motion sensing with Ecobee

I tested this feature out during a recent stay at my parents’ house. When I arrived at the house, the room was freezing, and the thermostat was set to 78 degrees.

The sensors detect movement within rooms and send out security warnings and occupancy detection so that the house’s temperature may be maintained.

Ecobee claims that the wireless SmartSensor is simple to install and is powered by a battery. When you’re away from home, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your house thanks to this.

You can use the app to monitor and control your home’s temperature, humidity, and air quality.

When and if the smoke is detected or if there is a power failure, you’ll be notified through text message or email.

Ecobee also offers a Smart Thermostat, controlled through the Ecobee app.

It will automatically adjust the temperature based on the time of day, whether you’re at home or on vacation, and works flawlessly with Apple HomeKit.

The SmartThings Hub is an easy-to-install device that connects directly to your Wi-Fi router. This hub can act as a central command centre for your smart devices. It provides a way to control multiple devices from one app. You can set up your smart devices, and they’ll stay connected without a hub.

The simplified design and installation allow you to arrange the gadget in various ways inside a given space.

The package includes stands and adhesive mounts, making it easy to position sensors on a tabletop, on a shelf, or on the wall.

To ensure reliable functioning, the sensor must be located no more than 60 feet away from the ecobee thermostat or camera.

Plus, if you’re looking for a door or window sensor, Ecobee makes a SmartSensor that can detect motion at your home’s entryways and automatically turn on the lights when someone approaches.

There are both iOS as well as Android versions of the Ecobee app available for your convenience. And if you have a Smart Home hub, the Ecobee app also integrates with other smart-home gadgets, so you’ll be able to control your lights, shades, and even the temperature from your phone.

For those who are more familiar with Alexa, Ecobee offers a compatible Amazon Echo speaker. 

Now let’s look at the SmartSensor’s temperature and movement sensors.

Monitoring the temperature.

Temperature variations and hot or cold regions may be detected by the SmartSensor device’s temperature sensor, which helps make rooms more pleasant.

The sensor “tells” the linked ecobee thermostat to adjust the room’s temperature if it detects a temperature variation, and it can also send information about the temperature directly to the ecobee app.

We found the SmartSensor’s temperature sensor to be quite sensitive.

Even though the indoor temperature is set to 75°F (24°C), the SmartSensor detected a sudden temperature variation (usually caused by opening or closing windows or doors) of 2.2°F (3.3°C) in only five seconds.

You’ll be able to notice quite the difference when you step out of the shower.

This is the temperature change in five seconds: The SmartSensor can also detect when the door or window is opened or closed and automatically adjust the room’s temperature.

It can automatically cool or warm the space in response to temperature fluctuations in the room.

Energy savings of up to 23% on cooling and heating expenditures are claimed by ecobee when used in conjunction with other thermostats in a home.

It is not necessary to do any manual work to use these temperature detection functions.

Make sure to place the SmartSensor in areas where you will be present the most often to maximize its temperature-sensing capabilities.

It will then detect the temperature in your home and automatically adjust the room temperature to your desired level.

You can also schedule the temperature to be turned on or off at certain times.

The SmartSensor comes with a 2-year warranty and an energy monitoring service and is available for purchase for $99,99.

Motion Detection Feature

The ecobee SmartSensor’s motion-detection feature is primarily used to assess the likelihood of a visitor to the home or office.

The feature is designed to alert you to the arrival of a person, and it can also be set to alert you when a person has left.

The sensor will also alert you if it detects movement in the same room for more than 15 minutes. It’s designed to send an email to your mobile device if someone has been detected in the same room for over one hour.

The ecobee sensor may be used in a bedroom, workplace, or kitchen according to the company’s specifications.

For total coverage, extensive areas like living rooms will need several sensors.

At least a 20% overlap in motion sensors’ coverage is needed for optimal results. If you want to use the Ecobee camera for home security purposes, you’ll want to keep this in mind.

Ecobee’s Follow Me feature, which maintains a constant temperature as you’re away from home, is very useful if you have an elderly person or pet that you’re worried about while you’re away.

This Ecobee feature is also great for finding your lost items, which can be helpful when you’re away for a more extended period. It can be automatically synced with Alexa, so you can control your thermostat from anywhere.

EcoBee Follow Me feature is likely powered by the integrated motion sensor that allows it to track your movement and adjust the temperature accordingly.

How to set up EcoBee Follow Me feature on an Ecobee thermostat.

EcoBee is known for its user-friendly app, making all features easily accessible throughout the app. The same applies when you need to set up EcoBee Follow Me feature, as follows:

  • Open the Home app.
  • Tap the EcoBee icon, then continue to tap Follow Me button.
  • Tap the temperature range you want the thermostat to follow you in.
  • Tap OK.

What is the price of the ecobee SmartSensor, and where can I get one?

As stated above, the two-pack of ecobee SmartSensors costs $99.99 and comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Certain ecobee products include a SmartSensor as part of the package.

Compared to other smart sensors available today, sold individually, the ecobee sensor is a reasonable choice since it will save you on shipping and last for years.

With each sensor costing around $50, it is arguably the cheapest compared to other home-automation devices on the market.

You will have to buy an additional battery pack to power your ecobee SmartSensor.

The battery pack is simple, but it can get heavy if you use it for long periods. 

EcoBee SmartSensor vs. Others in The Market

The EcoBee SmartSensor has become a best-seller in the market, and this is due to its incredible features that can be found in no other smart sensor on the market.

With a sleek and elegant design, it can be placed anywhere in your home or office, where you can use it to monitor and control temperature, humidity, air quality, and light. 

But how does it fare with the market’s competitors?

EcoBee vs Minute smart home sensor vs Aeotec MultiSensor 6 

The Minute technology, like one from the ecobee SmartSensor, can measure temperature, motion, and humidity, but it can also track noise.

Managing sensor data and real-time alerts, the Minute sensor is ideal for property managers and apartment complexes.

That said, the Minut does have a few flaws.

It only comes with a six-month rechargeable battery life, while the ecobee room sensor has a five-year limited battery warranty.

Battery life is critical for house sensors since they are frequently positioned in hard-to-reach places, such as walls, ceilings, corners, and top shelves.

Maintenance might be a challenging and inconvenient headache due to the frequency of battery replacements.

When it comes to accessibility, Minut does not provide any associated equipment to go along with its sensor.

A Minute Response Service subscription is required if you want to get notifications when motion is detected in the area, but that is all you get.

The ecobee smart sensor and smart camera operate together to make it a more complete solution.

When the smart sensor detects movement, it activates the camera, making it a more integrated device.

Using the Aeotec MultiSensor 6, you can easily monitor your house due to the built-in sensors that will surely help you to keep track of all the essential things in your home.

It is a simple way to check on your family and pets, whether they are awake or asleep, and the temperature inside and outside your home.

This product has been specially designed to ensure that you get all the information you need from your home monitoring system.

In total, as the name suggests, Aeotec Multi sensors 6 features six built-in sensors: a UV (ultraviolet) sensor, as well as sensors for motion, temperature, humidity, light, and vibration.

The batteries last for around two years, too.

With Aeotec, you can automate every aspect of your home with various smart devices equipped with voice assistants.

Despite Aeotec’s “more is better” philosophy, we believe “less is more” is more appropriate for smart home goods, particularly sensors.

For example, you don’t actually need to monitor seismic activity surrounding your house through the vibration sensor or UV light exposure.

Of course, these capabilities are fantastic, but will they complicate your life more by inundating you with an unmanageable amount of data?


The fundamental objective of smart sensors is to simplify your hectic existence; therefore, doing the opposite is pointless.

Is the ecobee SmartSensor actually making your homes smarter?

Truth is, using the ecobee SmartSensor with the SmartThermostat, ecobee4, ecobee3 lite, or SmartCamera may make your home smarter.

The ecobee ecosystem’s motion sensing and ability to maintain a suitable temperature are undeniable benefits of the system.

That said, it’s always rather important to consider whether or not ecobee SmartSensors will really improve your living.

You should think about whether the sensors will be a wise investment. 

There are four ecobee SmartSensors that you can choose from: the SmartSensor, SmartSensor+ (with motion sensor), SmartSensor Lite (with motion sensor), and the smart camera.

All of these sensors will let you know if someone is coming home and then automatically adjust the temperature in your home accordingly, should you need it. 

They may alert you to items you already know about in your house.

The SmartSensor or ecobee monitoring solutions may be unnecessary in this situation since they might become redundant and end up wasting your time rather than being helpful.

It’s also important to remember that installing an ecobee ecosystem across your house might be pretty expensive.

A single motion sensor can only detect movement in an area about the size of a bedroom and nothing more.

Larger or more complicated areas, such as living rooms or kitchens, need two or more sensors to provide complete motion detection coverage.

You’ll need between 10 and 16 SmartSensors for an average house with four bedrooms, including the living room, the kitchen, and the corridors.

When purchasing just the ecosystem accessories from Ecobee, you can expect to pay between $500 and $800 for a pair of smart sensors.

A smart thermostat, many SmartCameras, and a monthly subscription service are all required in addition to the smart cameras.

To save your money on monthly utility bills, you may want to consider a solar power system if you’re not concerned by temperature fluctuations in different rooms and don’t have a lifestyle that requires continual monitoring or notifications.

Additionally, many financing alternatives are available, including solar loans, solar leases, and power purchase contracts.

After all that being said, we dare to say if you’re looking for a smart thermostat that you can rely on to help save money and energy, the Ecobee 4 is one of the best choices on the market today. 

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