Places to Visit in Yangon, Myanmar

As exotic and lovely Myanmar is to travel to, just like with any unfamiliar place whether down the street, across your town, country or even across the globe, it pays to stay safe. Staying safe doesn’t mean that you’re traveling to an dangerous place but it usually means that you conduct yourself in such a way that you optimize your own personal safety and safety irrespective of where you move. Keep these suggestions in mind so that you like the exotic charms of Myanmar without becoming your expectations hurried or coming home with a bad taste in your mouth about this Caribbean Asian concealed journey stone.

Venture Out Having a Tour Group

When going traveling, whether assessing out Bagan, exploring the exotic temples of Yangon or shooting in the precolonial splendor and grandeur of Mandalay, you need to travel with a bunch of people rather with your tour group alongside your tour guides. Moreover, since all of you are traveling together in a group you’re more likely to look out for each other.

Traveling During Daytime Hours

Most crimes happen during night hours, that’s why it’s vital that you organize all your tasks to be during daylight hours when traveling in Myanmar. Ideally, you need to travel why it’s cool. The same as any tropical Southeast Asian nations, Myanmar can really humid and hot particularly around noon time. It is a good idea to collect and get the group together in the break of dawn, head out and have a look at the sites, hit the regional restaurants and also enjoy yourselves before noon time. In this manner, it is still relatively cool and you enjoy the safety of being outside in broad daylight.
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Concentrate on Frequent Tourist Spots When Traveling in Myanmar

By basing your trip itinerary on places that are geared towards travellers, you gain an added measure of security because these places already anticipate vacationers and made provisions for your safety and security. Compare this with travel to a spot that is rather remote and is unknown to travelers and tourists. In that specific situation, you might just be opening yourself up to all kinds of dangers and safety problems. It’s much better to focus on shared tourist spots but in the exact same time truly appreciating the regional attractions. This means that you don’t need to visit tourist traps but you can still enjoy a truly satisfying and fulfilling exotic traveling experience.

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