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application for Australian ETA visa

What do you imply by the term ETA visa Australia

This refers to an electronic document that is linked to a passport of any citizen who wants to travel to Australia for company or tourism reasons. However, all citizens from all over the world are allowed to make an application for an ETA visa to this wonderful country of Australia. There are some countries whose citizens are restricted from applying it, some of those nations whose citizens meet the criteria to apply for this digital document are as found below. Feel to submit an application if you are from one of these countries.

States permitted to apply for an ETA

According to the Australian exemption rules, there are some nations who citizens are allowed to make application for an ETA visa Australia. If you are a citizen from the places below you can apply an ETA as long as you have your passport ( Australia Visa ).
United States, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Monaco, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Portugal, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Japan, Germany, Croatia, Canada, Iceland, Netherlands, Korea, Norway, Finland, Italy, Ireland, France, Belgium, Lithuania, Andorra, San Marino, Sweden, Austria, Hong Kong, Slovakia, Vatican City, Republic of Cyprus, Latvia, Luxemburg, Malta, Estonia and Liechtenstein

Documents required during your application for Australia visa

  • • Among the records and documents that you MUST have during your application is actually a valid passport. Your passport Should be Six months valid during the moment when you are trying to get an ETA.
  • • Copy document for the itinerary which indicates the accommodation information as well as flight particulars.

When can you be rejected from applying the ETA

  • • When you have an infectious condition like tuberculosis
  • • When you have criminal records which indicate at one point in your life you may have been jailed for a long period of time like 1 year.
  • • You don’t have a valid passport.
  • • You don’t have enough funds in your banking account which can cater for your journeys.
  • • If you’re not from the listed places.
  • • If you are residing in Australia.
  • • When you wish to make use of the ETA in working in Australia.

The process that you are able to follow while you make an application your ETA

  • • Once you’ve got all of the documentation, you can access the Australia visa application site to have your form. You can choose the types of ETA that you would like and after that just click it to access the form.
  • • You can start completing all the necessary information ensuring that they’re correct. ( Never try to forge since there are serious implications).
  • • Attach all the details as required in the application form.
  • • Try to confirm if you’ve got filled all the details correctly before going for the next step.
  • • If all the details are correct, you can pay for the application fees through the means of payment provided such as Visa card, Master card, and American Express.
  • • You can send your application form and wait for couple of minutes for a response.
  • • Normally ETA visas are processed within the same day, therefore, you will not wait around for long.

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